Experience the Aroma Collection

Our shaving products are crafted to help improve comfort
while shaving and to promote healthy skin. We sustainably
source ingredients from around the world and include the
finest essential oils to create a unique aroma collection.

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Classic. Pure. Smooth.

UNSCENTED. An excellent option for all skin types and sensitivities. Pure essential oils and naturally-sourced extracts heighten your shaving experience and help you attain The Perfect Shave®.

Warm. Traditional. Masculine.

SANDALWOOD. Our rich Sandalwood aroma is inspired by traditional wet shaving from generations past. The distinctively masculine scent of woody Indian Sandalwood is paired with deep and lush essential oils to create this unique blend.

Bright. Zesty. Crisp.

LEMON. This uplifting essential oil has been cold pressed from fresh Italian Lemons to retain purity. Our Lemon aroma will awaken your spirit and get you ready for your day. This bright, crisp citrus scent is the perfect way to bring art and passion to your daily routine.

Calm. Soothing. Confident.

LAVENDER. Our soothing Lavender aroma calls to mind the lush rolling hills of the Baltic fields. The subtle and calming scent of Bulgarian Lavender entices the senses and heightens your shaving experience. This relaxing aroma will help bring confidence and passion to your morning ritual.

Light. Fresh. Invigorating

OCEAN KELP. Our newest aroma consists of expertly blended essential oils and ingredients. Known for its anti-oxidant properties, naturally-sourced ocean kelp helps fight against free radicals which can cause skin to age prematurely. Refreshing bergamot from Southern Italy is blended with lemon, lime, and soothing Bulgarian lavender.

A Focus on Quality

The Art of Shaving is passionately devoted towards helping men experience The Perfect Shave®. Our products are formulated with premium quality ingredients and 100% pure essential oils—pure, highly concentrated essences extracted from plants, woods, roots, barks and fruits. Despite the name, these essential oils are not oily, and evaporate almost immediately upon contact with the skin. Our shaving products contain no alcohol, synthetic dyes, or fragrances.

We focus on quality to help provide you with an outstanding shave, minimize razor burn, nicks and cuts, and ingrown hairs. And most importantly, to elevate your shave from a chore to a prized part of your daily ritual.

Experience Aromas

Find Your Ideal Aroma

Now that you have a clear picture of what goes into our products—as well as what stays out—the next step is to visit your local The Art of Shaving store to experience the aroma collection for yourself or shop online.


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