Each Shaving Brush is handcrafted with exceptional badger
hair. Our Shaving Brush handles are designed with elegance
and durability, as well as for their comfortable shape. Badger
hair retains water to help generate a rich, warm lather right
on your face. While enhancing your lather experience, our
Shaving Brushes also help gently exfoliate and soften the
skin, while massaging the beard hair. Shaving Brushes are
an integral step to achieving The Perfect Shave®.

The 4 elements of the perfect shave

The perfect shave assembled

The modern Shaving Brush’s roots trace back over 250 years to 18th century France. Although the quality of these brushes varied greatly, some of the finest were made of badger hair. Handles were carved from exotic materials such as ivory, porcelain, crystal, tortoise, shell, and gold. During this time, Shaving Brushes became a status symbol and a way to display one’s success.

In the early 1800’s the introduction and popularity of the folding-handle straight razor gave men the option and ease of shaving at home. Men who were privileged enough to have a straight edge no longer needed to visit a barber for their routine shaves, but still wanted to experience the same closeness of a barber shave. They would invest in their own personal shaving brushes, which quickly became an integral step in a man’s shaving routine at home.

Today, badger hair is still regarded as an excellent, luxurious material for the shaving brush. Recognizing this, The Art of Shaving follows the tradition of our predecessors and continues to craft shaving brushes with only high quality materials.

The quality of a brush depends on the quality of the badger hair used. The density and softness of the bristles determine how much water the brush retains and the richness of the lather it generates.

Use the slider below to explore the grades of badger hair that we employ.

Pure Badger
Fine Badger
Silvertip Badger


Made with 100% genuine badger hair, our Pure Badger brushes are ideal for first-time users.


A hand-crafted brush with softer bristles, our Fine Badger brushes are ideal for men with sensitive skin.


Our Silvertip Badger brushes feature hand-selected Silvertip Badger hair. An unparallelled lather experience.

The right brush handle can make a subtle, yet noticeable difference in your daily shave. The Art of Shaving creates each handle with comfort, durability, and elegance in mind. Select the brush handle that complements your own personal style.

Place your Shaving Brush on a pedestal. Shaving Stands are not only a great way to proudly
display your shaving tools, but using one extends its longevity. Stands properly maintain
brushes by allowing water to drain efficiently and effectively between each use. Our stands
are expertly designed and built for maximum space efficiency and style. Many of our stands
can be customized and paired with complementing razors allowing you to build your ideal
Shaving Set. Browse through our collection of Shaving Stands

The perfect shave assembled

A first of its kind, the Power Shave Brush marries modern technology with traditional wet shaving. The elegantly polished chrome handle, accented with black lacquered adornments, is ergonomically designed with grip and style in mind. Using gentle oscillations, the brush gently massages the beard to help create a superb, rich lather for a close and comfortable, shave .


Wet your brush thoroughly with hot water, while holding it upside down for the water to drain.


Take a small amount of shaving cream (enough to cover your fingertip) and place it in the center of the brush. Add a little more warm water.


Apply the brush to your face and begin moving it in a circular motion to generate a rich lather.


After applying Shaving Cream to your beard, set your brush aside while completing the first pass of your razor. Use the remaining lather for the second pass of your razor. (This step is optional).


Rinse thoroughly and gently flick your brush before storing upside down on your Shaving Stand.

  • After shaving, gently rinse brush of excess shaving cream with warm water.
  • Never pull or twist the badger hair.
  • Gently flick your brush to remove excess water.
  • Always store your brush upside-down on a Shaving Stand.

An innovative path to The Perfect Shave ® experience. Each step is expertly crafted to achieve optimal shaving results, while transforming the shave from a chore to a prized part of the morning ritual.

The shaving brush is the second step in the 4-step path to The Perfect Shave ®.

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