Gifts for Dad

A creature of habit, our Replenishment Bundle keeps the tools of his
ritual topped up and ready. Our Lavender Shaving Kit is perfect for
dads who meet every challenge with calm confidence.

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Replenishment Bundle


Replenishment Bundle Lavender - The Art of Shaving
Sandalwood Travel Kit with Black Fusion Razor - The Art of Shaving

Sandalwood Travel Kit

with black fusion razor

He fancies himself a man of the world. The exotic,
masculine aromas of our Sandalwood Travel Kit will
inspire him to explore new horizons.

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Dad respects innovation, not gimmicks.
We know he'll approve of the premium
design and responsive FLEXBALL
technology of our Lexington razor.

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Lexington Collection

Fusion Razor

Lexington Collection Fusion Razor - The Art of Shaving

Full size kit

Ocean kelp

The complete man deserves a shaving kit that's his equal.
Master The Perfect Shave with the light, refreshing aroma
of Ocean Kelp and a Pure Badger Shaving Brush.

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Full Size Kit Ocean Kelp - The Art of Shaving

Straight razor

Ram horn

Pique his interest with a new challenge.
This handcrafted Straight Razor features
a hollow ground blade, ideal for those
new to straight razors.

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Straight Razor Ram Horn - The Art of Shaving
Shaving Cream Bowl White Porcelain - The Art of Shaving

Shaving cream bowl

white porcelain

The classics earn their keep, and are always among our top gifts
for men. Our Porcelain Shaving Bowl is a timeless vessel,
perfect for whipping up rich lather and styled with refined touches.

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Ivory Fine Shaving Brush – The Art of Shaving

Ivory Fine

Shaving Brush

Like Dad, this shaving brush knows the value of preparation.
Its durable ivory handle and soft badger hair generate warm, rich lather.

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Build your set

Customize Dad’s ritual from start to finish.
Choose each step of The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™
and indulge Dad’s approach to smooth.

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Customized Shaving Kits – The Art of Shaving