Introducing Lexington
Collection TM

Experience a new angle on shaving

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The Perfect Shave® Evolved

The Art of Shaving's most technologically
advanced manual razor.

Fewer missed hairs: New FLEXBALL™ technology
allows the razor to pivot in multiple directions for
maximum contact with the skin.

Elegance: Chrome accents inspired by many Lexington Avenue buildings.

Balanced: Weighted to feel like a natural extension of your hand.

Timeless Finish: Constructed from anodized black aluminum.

Distinctive: Precision negative etching, a neatly tucked seam, and a satin black finish.

Full ContactMaximum Comfort

The Lexington Collection™ Razor with FLEXBALL™ technology responds
to facial contours, helping you shave areas such as
the jaw line, upper lip, and neck with ease.
The Art of Shaving’s Perfect Shave®, even on sensitive skin.

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  • Inspired By Lexington Avenue

    Our newest shaving set is inspired by Lexington
    Avenue in New York City, one of the few streets that
    was not included in Manhattan’s original grid plan.

  • New York State of Mind

    Lexington Avenue blazed a new path where there
    was none before it, as did The Art of Shaving when its
    doors first opened on this avenue in 1996.

  • Pioneers of Smoothness

    The Art of Shaving introduces the world to a new angle on
    shaving with the launch of the Lexington Collection™.

Customize your shave

The Lexington Collection Stand perfectly complements the
Lexington Collection Razor, and fits most brushes from
The Art of Shaving. Customize your perfect set.

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Lexington Razor & Stand with
Black Silvertip Badger


Featuring Flexball™ technology that responds to
facial contours, it pivots in multiple directions
for maximum contact with the skin.

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