Experience Straight Razors

Straight razors are artfully constructed shaving implements with a rich history

A well-crafted straight razor can last many years and produces a superior, clean and close shave. Master the straight razor shave by understanding the anatomy of the straight razor, and learning proper use and maintenance techniques.

Know your Straight Razor

Know the Blade. Master the Shave.

  1. Point: the rounded end of the blade.
  2. Edge: The cutting surface of the blade.
  3. Spine: The non-cutting top of the blade also known as the "back."
  4. Shank: The point where the blade and tang meet. Used in the hold of the razor.
  5. Tang: Acts as a lever to open the blade. Also used in the hold of the razor.
  6. Heel: The point where the shank meets the blade's edge.
  7. Scales: Acts as the handle of the straight razor. Also used as protection and storage of the blade edge.

Selecting a Straight Razor

1. Understanding Blade Width

Our straight razor blades are available in one eighth increments from 3/8" to 6/8". A 5/8" width is most commonly used in straight razors. The larger the width, the more shaving cream it can scoop up during strokes. This means less wipes are needed in between strokes. The width is also important in achieving the 30 degree angle to the face.

2. Choosing a Straight Razor Handle

The right straight razor handle can make a subtle yet significant difference in your daily shave. Select a handle that feels comfortable in your hand and that compliments your own personal style.

Black Straight Razor

Far from ordinary. Handcrafted in France and consistenly rated five stars by our customers.

Black Straight Razor
Horn Straight Razor

Exquisitely crafted from the finest materials. No two horn razors are identical in pattern or color.

Horn Straight Razor
Stainless Steel Straight Razor

A stainless steel finish with a carbon steel blade. For a no-frills approach to one's daily ritual.

Stainless Steel Straight Razor
Bocote Wood Straight Razor

Constructed from beauriful Bocote wood, witha unique texture and grain. Need we say more?

Bocote Wood Straight Razor
Black Wood Grenadille Straight Razor

A bold, firm handle constructed from authentic African Grenadille wood.

Black Wood Grenadille Straight Razor
Black 5/8" Blade Straight Razor

Crafted in Germany from highly durable black resin. With a 5/8" blade for increased maneuverability.

Black 5/8in Straight Razor Collection
Disposable Blade Straight Razor

A travel-friendly alternative to packing your strop. Pairs perfectly with our 3/8" disposable blades.

Disposable Blade Straight Razor

How to Shave with a Straight Razor


Caring For Your Straight Razor

New straight razors are factory honed and ready to shave.* After a few initial uses, straight razors must begin to be stropped before each use. This stropping helps maintain the original sharp edge of the factory honing.

*Some shavers may prefer a sharper edge. After your first initial shave, you may opt to have the razor hand-honed if a sharper edge is desired.


Get Hands On

Find Your Ideal Straight Razor

We hope that we've made the complex task of choosing a straight razor easier for you. If you still have questions, we invite you to stop by one of our shops to speak with a shaving consultant.

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