The Art of Grooming Gifting The Post-Workout Shaving With Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness isn't just a grooming expert. He's a bonafide grooming artist. With The Art of Shaving® products as his brush and palette, he swooped into the studio to bring skill and creativity to your real-world grooming. Why shouldn't your look be a masterpiece?

No one mashes practical advice and real talk together quite like Jonathan. His playful pointers lift you up, hug your soul, and upgrade your grooming game all at once. If only every expert could be this much fun.

What you see is what you get with Mr. Jonathan Van Ness. The gale-force enthusiasm that sends your TV spinning off its stand? It never stops. Not even when the cameras do. He became instant friends with everyone on set, even dishing out a few tasty grooming tips to the crew.

Script? What script? Jonathan had a lot to say about the featured products, and needed no prompting to get it all out. Turns out he's been a fan of The Art of Shaving® for years. Well, he is a grooming expert, after all.

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